how to market training
how to market training
marketing training
marketing training
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how to market training

Industry Depth

20 Years Training Experience

The founder of “How To Market Training” has
worked exclusively in the Training Industry and
in Marketing for over 20 years. Gordon L. Johnson
has been the VP, Director of Marketing, or a
consulting solution for training companies such
as Global Knowledge, Productivity Point International,
Sony, Air Products, Nortel, RemoteSite
Training, GlaxoSmithKline, Lockheed Martin,
UPS, KPMG, Perot Systems, TeKnowlogy Education
Centers, Bell Leadership, BSG Education,
Expertus, IEC, Webucator, CCI,, and Cognos.

how to market training

Marketing Roadmap

Your Map Is Unlike Any Other

Your training company is unique to every other
training company that exists. We understand
how to engage you in a focused dialogue
which covers where you have been, where you
want to go, and details a roadmap for how you
get there. Gordon has been in the training
industry exclusively and has learned what
works and what doesn’t work for you so that
you can have complete confidence that you will
get to your new growth faster and with
improved brand awareness in your market.
Experience the proven results that “How To
Market Training” provides time and again.

how to market training

KPI Accountability

Ongoing Help As You Need It

We have found, amongst what doesn’t work is
the development of a marketing roadmap
which has no checkpoints built in. We have
found that it works best to include a small 12
month accountability program which may be as
small as a one-hour phone conversation each
month. We are also able to hand-pick industry
experts to support your tactical implementation
whether you need 5 hours of support a month,
or 20 hours of support a week. This accountability
and support helps keep you on track,
and helps us measure the impact of, and
tweak, if necessary, your roadmap.