Top Tips

The following tips are based on our years of experience, lessons learned and best practices for marketing training.

marketing training tipsTop 5 Ways To Market Training Services

1. Build a professional website and sales collateral, focused on case studies
2. Position your experts as “Thought Leaders”
3. Hold webinars that show off your expertise
4. Send a bi-monthly e-newsletter that shows your expertise
5. Place very targeted online advertisements and sponsor targeted websites

Bonus: Buy a really good list of training decision-makers

marketing training tipsTop 5 ways to Market Training Courses

1. Publish a web training course schedule with e-commerce
2. Maximize your sales closing percentage
3. Mail monthly e-newsletters that include your training course schedule
4. Mail catalogs and/or course brochures
5. Integrate your marketing with your telemarketing to compound your response rates

Bonus: Hold webinars that include excerpts from your training courses

marketing training tipsTop 5 Ways To Empower Your Training Sales

1. Empower your sales team with closing tools
2. Increase sales with an integrated direct marketing program
3. Create air-cover for your sales team
4. Use webinars to generate leads and increase sales
5. Partner with them